Function, Visi and Mission

Function, Vision and Mission

According to the decree of the minister of agriculture No.71/Kpts /OT.210/2002 regarding the organization and structure, the IRIAP has the mandate to carry out the research on poultry, dairy and dual purpose cattle, buffalo, sheep and dairy goat and minor livestock.


Become the leading research institute for animal production in Southeast Asia which produces innovative technologies which appropriate for the animal husbandry practitioners.


  1. To produce innovative, competitive, and environmentally safe technologies and appropriate for the n animal husbandry practitioners,

  2. To enhance the use and the conservation of genetic resource in animal husbandry.

  3. To disseminate the innovative technologies for animal husbandry,

  4. To develop the network for information transfer in technology for animal husbandry,

  5. To develop human resources, facilities and equipments to support research in animal husbandry.



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